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Boscawen Elementary School

Monthly News

February 2018


Dear Boscawen Families,

We welcomed Mrs. Bouchard, our world language teacher to the school. She started at Boscawen this week and is in full swing with the students. I had the opportunity to visit her classes and was impressed with how much French the children already know.

On January 26th, we had our first all school assembly of 2018. Our Student Action Committee did a marvelous job facilitating our meeting. During our time together the Student Action Committee facilitated a review of our Essential Agreement for our Lunchroom.

IB News – The Learner Profile – Part 6                Questions?  Email me at

The last three attributes of the Learner Profile are risk-takers, balanced, and reflective.  We encourage teachers and students to be Risk-takers.  It is only through taking risks that we can learn.  Our classrooms and school will be a safe place to take risks, and we will grow to learn that you truly do learn as much from mistakes as you do by being correct.  Our curriculum will encourage our students to be Balanced. They will not only study reading, writing and arithmetic, but also music, art, physical education, Spanish, and French.  We will be modeling the need for work and play throughout our lives.  Finally, the PYP will encourage our students and teachers to be Reflective.  Time for reflection will allow students to make important connections in their learning, to transfer knowledge or experiences from one subject to another.  It allows students to honestly assess their own work in order to chart a future course.

It has been a long journey through the Learner Profile!  Remember to talk about these attributes with your child as a situation occurs within your family life, a book you might be reading together, or something you see on TV.  If we talk about these attributes everyday, our students will grow into exemplars of the Student Profile!

We are still looking for our incoming kindergarten students. If you have a child that will be entering kindergarten next year and have not yet done so, please fill in the bottom of this page or call the school. If you have neighbors that have a child that will be entering kindergarten please ask them to call the school.

There is no school February 26th – March 2nd as we break for our February vacation.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable vacation.


Important Upcoming Dates

Feb. 12                     MVSD Board Meeting at MVHS 7pm

Feb. 15                     PTA Meeting at BES Library 6:30pm

Feb. 19 – 23             I Love To Read Week

Feb. 26 – Mar. 2       No School Winter Vacation

Mar. 8                      Annual District Meeting at MVHS 7pm


Important Phone Numbers:  School – 753-6512   SAU Office – 753-6561   Transportation – 753-1422 or 1421


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