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The BES PTA and the MVSD School Board Meeting on May 11th at 6pm

The BES PTA and the MVSD School Board welcome the Boscawen community to an open conversation regarding BES and the MVSD. This conversation is slated to take place at Boscawen Elementary School (BES) on Wednesday, May 11 starting at 6pm in the BES Library. While the conversation will be organic in nature, the meeting will be structured via the following agenda:

· Welcome and goals for the evening's conversation (Board Chair)

o Extending conversations from the Board's "Small Schools Study"

· Open feedback on BES and the MVSD - the Board's chance to hear from Boscawen families / community members in an open format

o Strengths

o Challenges

o Opportunities / Dreams

o Questions

· Opening access to SES and / or WES for Boscawen families

o Rationale

o Process for any interested families

· Great things happening around the MVSD

· Getting involved

o Joining the BES PTA

o Communicating with the Board

o BES, MVMS, and MVHS newsletters

o Board Packets and Minutes

· Adjourn

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Thanks to all of the students who participated!

BES Cares

BES teachers and staff are sharing best wishes with their students and community. Please be safe and healthy!


Important Information

Event Calendar

Boscawen Elementary School

1 B.E.S.T. Ave

Boscawen, NH 03303

P 603.753.6512

F 603.753.8140

Bullying is an extraordinarily important topic facing students, parents, families, and schools. The MVSD is committed to increasing awareness and education, while proactively partnering with our constituents to end bullying. The link leads you to a website that provides definitions, processes, and helpful resources in this effort.